Laura Sammons

Web Developer | Seattle, WA


I'm an experienced web developer who loves working in web technology. I changed careers in 2008 to join the information technology world so that I could experience the coding world directly. Retraining into this career culminated in two certificates from Seattle Central College: a certificate in web development and a certificate in web design. I have been working professionally in the field since then and it's been amazing to see how quickly this profession has changed to reflect the ever evolving devices to which our content is delivered. I know this evolution will never slow and what a great and exciting time it is to be part of this development community!

Prior to my career in Web Development, I had jobs that drew on similar types of strengths: focus, creativity, curiousity, determination. It's cool to bring all my life experience to the process of building fantastic websites and applications.

I have recently undergone a period of dedicated self-study to level-up my development skills. I'm an autodidactic life-long learner who'll always be interested in expanding my skills. Especially when it's cool new technologies bringing new capabilities and efficiencies.



I want to apply my skills to the process of building awesome web apps and continue to increase my knowledge, skills and abilities in:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Visual Design
  • UX/UI
  • Databases
  • PHP
  • Build Tools

I'd like to work with a team of developers helping clients create impressive online presences. I am a team-oriented collaborator, dedicated to clear communication - both written and verbal - all in the service of delivering a great product, on time!